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facilities1At 3FMusic, we are driven to provide our clients with the best services, and that translates into not only having an experienced and talented team but also by using the best equipment in the industry. All our studios use high-end external hardware components simply because software based audio systems (DAW) are not able to realize our vision of sound.

We prefer a combination of digital – and - analog technology. For example, by combing Pro Tools 10, which is a fascinating tool for any kind of editing, solving problems and creating music, with analog techniques, we are guaranteed to create a harmonic, warm and real unique sound. Tube compression, band saturation and high-end class A equalizing are the main factors of our sound design. Furthermore we do not "bounce" a song in the mastering or mix down process, but we record the music in real-time. Below you will find a list of some our equipment.


Studio Equipment


  • Hardware

• Tube Tech SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor (Analogue Multiband Tube Compression)

• Avalon AD 2055 Pure (Analogue Class A equaliser)

• Avalon VT737 (Microphone Preamp)

• Avalon VT747 (Analogue EQ and Compressor)


• TC-Electronic System 6000 (Effect Processor and Mastering Device)

• Dangerous 2BUS (Summing Device)

• Pro Tools HDX (High End Audio Software-Hardware)


• UAD2-Quad Omni (Hardware Base, Plugin Bundle)

• SSL-Duende (Hardware Base, Plugin Bundle)


• Apogee-Rosetta 800 (A/D D/A Converter)

• Apogee- Big Ben (Master Clock)

• Avid- 192 I/O (16 I/O)


• NEVE- (Tape Emulator)

• Klein & Hummel UE 1000 (Analogue Equalizer)

• Studer A 80 (Analogue 1Ž4" Tape Recorder)

• EMT 248 Digital 32 Bit Audio Prozessor (Digital Processor, Equalizer)


• Drawmer Masterflow (Digital Processor)

• Waves BCL digital Compressor / MaxxBass / Limiter (Digital Processor)

• Lexicon LFI 10 (Digital Audio Format Interface)

• Apple Macintosh: Mac Pro

• Mutec MC 3 Digital (audio master clock generator)


  • Software

• EMI TG Mastering Pack

• Universal Audio

• Pro Tools 10

• Waves Mercury Pack


• URS MPACK8 N4 series EQ

• Melodyne studio

• Izotop

• Brainworks


• Speakerphone


• SoundReplacer

• Aural Exciter & Big Bottom

• Lexicon


• Cambridge EQ




• FET Compressor (MP8)

• Auto-Tune

• bx_digital

• Velvet

• SoundToys Native Effects


• GRM Tools Classic for TDM

• Harmony4 MassivePack

• bx_dynEQ TDM

• DigiTranslator

• Sony Oxford

• Waves Tune

• BBE Sonic Maximizer

• TL Space



  • Controls

• GENELEC 1031 A + 1029 A (Monitor System + Subwoofer)

• ADAM- S3XH (Monitor System)


• DYNAUDIO Contour 1.3 (Monitor System)

• Yamaha NS 10 (Monitor System)


• Bose Acoustimass 6 ( 5.1 Surround Hifi System)

• RTW 1205 D (Digital Level Meter)

• KLARK TECHNIK DN 60 (Spectrum Analyser)


  • Acoustics

• Primacoustics (studio acoustics) 


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